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We often hear from people who just need a little help and support, and while we are always here to respond to quick questions and to offer free advice, sometimes you need a little more than a simple text or call.

So, we are offering you a service of up to two hours where you can pick our brains to help you resolve your technical problems at home.

Please be assured that no question is too simple or silly and that we will endeavour to deliver the information required in short, bite-sized pieces on any topic or problem in a fashion that is easy to comprehend and digest. Furthermore, each time you suffer unexpected technical issues we will try to enlighten you to ensure you are learning more about your Apple device.

Our support offering provides fast, helpful assistance in resolving unexpected and technical issues along with ongoing engagement to ensure that you are learning and developing more informed detail about how your Apple device works.

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How it works

You Contact Us

Tell us what you require

Contact us either by email or by telephone to explain your problem and how you would like to resolve it.

You Contact Us

Home support

Information required

Tell us what type of Apple product you are using, the problem you have had, for how long and how you would like help to resolve it.

Home support

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How quickly do you want it resolved?

Give an indication of how urgent it is and when you would like to tackle it.

Give a Time frame

Further Home Support


We will discuss in more depth what level of technical knowledge you have already acquired to determine how best we can attain the most appropriate resolution.  

Further Home Support

Remote Access


At an agreed time and date, using Remote Home Support tools or a Video call, we can establish a secure connection with you or directly with your computer.

Remote Access


We Protect

Your privacy is important to us. We will never request passwords or access any part of your device without your express permission. Furthermore, we will never make changes to your computer programmes without informing you beforehand.


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for up to 2 hours

Let’s talk and find the right solution for you. It’s your time to master the Apple world.