We have a simple solution to your needs and that is Baby Steps Micro-learning.

So what is it?

Baby steps are the pace at which we show you what you want to learn. Microlearning is a form of eLearning where what you want to learn is designed and presented in short, easy-to-digest, repeatable, bite-sized chunks.

Tried & Tested

It’s effective because it focuses on one brief topic at a time and has fewer barriers to completion due to how many baby steps it takes you to complete

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Why you should let me help you

Sharing your needs and concerns will guide me to any underlying issues that may require attention.

These can include being overwhelmed by all the new technology that surrounds them or fear of the unknow.


video is a high impact medium that can keep your attention

Slide shows

We will be using bullet points with images to highlight key points on a topic


Your steps can be completed outside of work hours, or in short spurts during the working week.

Accessible on devices

Easy access to focused and specialised information.

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Daniel works with Apple users, teachers and businesses……. From setting or brushing up skills to trouble-shooting or just updating, he can cover all your needs irrespective of whether you are tech savvy or a just a beginner.

Daniel Mullings, Your Personal Tutor & Digital Learning Coach

Qualified lecturer and DBS checked. Has worked with Apple and their products since the very first iPad was launched.

Assisted Longfield Academy in becoming the first school in the UK to provide 1,400 pupils with Apple’s tablet device with iPads as well as developing one of the first hospitality curricula using iPads as a tool for education.

Provided both online and face to face training to build the skills and confidence of educators, students and families  in using Apple technology inside and outside the classroom.

We provided training and support to educators across the UK and Ireland, to explore the potential of Apple technology to enhance teaching and learning.

I have simplified learning with baby steps.

From the comfort of your own home, we can help you overcome some of  your frustrations and maybe assist you to become a power user!

At the very least we can help you to feel comfortable dealing with you mail

l, surfing the web and making calls.Both basic and power users will find this personalised service helpful.

We aim to take the fear out of using the technology you work with every day!

Read What My Clients Say About Their Baby Steps Experience

At long last! Something that addresses the needs of a generation that did not grow up during the development of computer technology and may have no access to reluctant and impatient teenagers! The other plus is that Daniel has the patience of a saint………..
Sue D

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