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How To Description

One of the convent feature Apple has is optimised Storage, which helps you to keep plenty of space free for whatever task you take on next.

This course will show you how to open the window and give you consolidates methods for saving space in one place, and provides advice on things you might have overlooked (or be unaware of) and how much space you might be able to reclaim. Even if you consider yourself an expert its always good just to at least open the app and check its recommendations, some of which may relate to older preferences you’ve already discounted, and some that are new in what ever macOS you are using.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Find the features
  • Review its suggestions
  • Your current storage in the cloud
  • How to reduce clutter

Do not install any automated cleaning tools on your computer, and remove any that you have installed. They can use excessive computing resources and slow down your computer and possibly cause system damage.

Recent macOS versions do self-cleaning, and system software issues are best resolved using specific tools on a case by case basis.