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How To Description

There are many ways to store & organise your photos, and most of us probably still have them on a USB card in our cameras, saved to memory sticks or, more often we are using our phones to capture moments and using up valuable space.

The number 1 question I get asked either on the phone or during a home visit is “What can I do about my pictures that are taking ups so much space”?

This ‘HOW TO’ will show you how to mange all your pictures and videos and the most effect place to store them.

Optimized Storage helps you save storage space by storing your content either in cloud and making it available on demand.To start this process you must fist establish where your photographs and videos are and how much space they are taking up.

Storing videos is somewhat more complex, so we will be tackling that in a later ‘HOW TO’

Key concepts covered include:

  • Your current storage in the cloud
  • Sizes and types of photograph files
  • How and where to store photographs.

One import thing to do is to take time to organise them and if it gets boring just enjoy your photo’s and reminisce, keep them safe so that generations to come will be able to look on and enjoy them to in what ever form they will take in the future.